Non-proprietary Resources from Across the Web

While OpenCUNY can provide free, open-source space for your websites, you may find yourself yearning for non-proprietary alternatives elsewhere in your Internet life. Or, having become more of a WordPress wizard, you may find yourself wanting to learn more about the ins and outs of technology. We want to point out a few resources we know about and encourage you to suggest others…


Looking for an anti-capitalist, anti-hierarchy, autonomous revolutionary collective which provides free or mutual aid services to radical and grassroots activists? We got ya’ covered.


Software development

Github offers free upgrades to accounts based on its new education initiative. Upgraded users have access to private repositories and group projects. Usually Github charges $7 per month for these features.

All you have to do is associate a .EDU email address with your account
and then fill out this form:

Alternately, the Ada Initiative offers free Github accounts to women
who are entering free software development:

Web Development

A reflection from someone with a fine arts degree who spent 180
days building an interactive website a day to learn how to use web
technologies (HTML, JS, CSS) so she could become a developer.

The collection of all 180 projects can be found here:


A great site offering free courses and tutorials on almost any aspect of web development.

Code Academy