WordPress How-to Links

Below is a collection of short videos (around 1 minute) that walk you through how to perform common WordPress tasks. They’re collected together in groups of increasing complexity.

Writing and publishing a post
Adding categories and tags to your posts
Saving and returning to draft posts & pages
Embedding photos, video & audio into your posts
Previewing and activating themes

Creating an image gallery
How to use the Media Library
Choosing a theme for your blog
Adding and deleting categories
Adding participants to your blog (or removing them) (To better understand uses and roles, check out this page. To learn about how to add non-GC participants, read here.)
Creating a post excerpt & using the ‘more’ tag
Using Quick Edit and Bulk Edit to manage your posts in half the time
Publishing your post at a later date
Adding an ‘About Me’ (or any other static) page

How to create a custom navigation menu
Changing your default media settings
Customizing your header image
Customizing your writing settings
Changing your reading settings
Creating a static front page for your blog (This can be used especially well if you want just a website without any blog content.)
Changing your discussion settings
How to embed a YouTube or other off-site video into a post
The Text Widget for WordPress
Import your WordPress blog into Facebook
Checking your stats & inbound links from the dashboard