Adding Non-GC Users to Your OpenCUNY Site

While OpenCUNY is offered for the benefit of the Graduate Center community, there are times when you may want people not affiliated with the GC to have the ability to edit an OpenCUNY website. Maybe you’re running a conference, hosting an event, working in an organization, doing co-research, etc.

Our Terms of Participation state that individuals or organizations without a current Graduate Center email address can be granted accounts by the OpenCUNY Coordinators on a case-by-case basis. To allow projects with outside participants, the project should be primarily associated with the Graduate Center and/or the Graduate Center community.

Please review the Terms and About page. Then, use the form below to get in contact with the OpenCUNY Coordinators about adding non-GC participants to your site.

We will follow-up to ask additional questions. Please be aware that, if approved, these participants will have to confirm their membership through an automatically-generated email sent from via WordPress. Sometimes these emails can end up in spam filters.

    Adding non-GC Participants

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