Five Twitter Users to Follow (Fall 2013 Edition)

For our first round-up up interesting Twitter users to follow, we touch on the basics with the main GC accounts and (of course) ours. You have to start somewhere, right?

Follow @CareerPlanGC
Informaiton about career-related events and workshops at the GC.

Follow @cunydsc
The twitter feed for the DSC. Expect important DSC news and also interesting stories relevant particularly to GC students.

Follow @GC_CUNY
The GC’s official twitter account. You’ll get daily updates about the goings-on here at the GC

Follow @CUNYGCLibrary
This is Mina Rees Library’s twitter account and it’s easily one of the most interesting. You can expect the usual GC news, but also interesting stories about education, archives, libraries, etc.

Follow @OpenCUNY
Shameless plug for us! Get updates about new blog posts and about groups working on OpenCUNY.